Quick thought on MOOCs

MOOCS are getting a lot of attention lately, especially in the Higher Ed world.  I was talking ot someone about them in the context of corporate education adn realized that they aren't a good match for our clients.
A MOOC is a "massively open online course".  Of these four words, three make them problematic for corporations:
1. Massive - An organization need targeted learning, not broadcast learning as MOOCS use.  
2. Open - you need the right people in the class, and letting people chose whether to take or not take the class is not a strategic choice that organizations are ready for.  And frankly, not a choice that serves their best interests. Also, open implies that people can finish or not as the choose (look at the completion rate of MOOCS) which isn't good for companies, as they need to know people finish what trainings.
3. Online - This may be the only part that is really appealing.  
4. Course.  Courses imply a regular meeting/learning event that takes place over a period of weeks or months and has a beginning, end and an evaluation/certification at its conclusion.  Courses are a big time investment for participants and faculty.  Corporations typically want succinct, efficient training. 
There are benefits to MOOCS (thanks, Steve Mahaley for making me think about that.), but those benefits can occur in a different form. The key for MOOCS is to think about what the benefit is and how to apply them to corporate education.